Pricing that fits your business

We operate a fixed fee basis for most of our services so that clients know their fees in advance each year

Transparent and fair pricing

We’ve all heard horror stories of professional fee invoices.  Billed late, with no breakdown and no prior agreement.

How can other accountants justify billing a client a proportion of their tax rebate or with a fee based on their personal wealth rather than reflecting the underlying work and effort??!  We don’t do that.

At the end of our initial discovery meeting all our prospective clients receive a detailed proposal pack electronically which shows

  • what services they have requested 
  • what price they will pay for each
  • additional services they may want to consider in future

Rather than sticking a finger in the air, our price is driven by a complex algorithm that taken into account the complexity, risk and effort required. Indicative pricing and services that can be provided are included below as a guide.

There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey
Personal Tax
  • Accounts (sole trader)
  • Complete your tax return
  • Calculate your tax liability
  • File the return online
  • Liaise with you on the amounts to be paid & due
  • We will be able to advise you on ways you can legally save on tax
Contractor Ltd
  • Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT Returns
  • Director Payroll
  • Director Tax Return
  • Cloud Accounts
Small Business
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual & Management Accounts
  • Corporation Tax & Planning
  • VAT Returns & CIS
  • Payroll & Auto Enrolment
  • Software Solutions

Just some of the many features

Fixed Fee

When you become our client you wave goodbye to nonsense accountancy bills that so many accountants are guilty of. Instead of one bill to pay at the end of each year, you can pay us a low monthly fee, easing your cash flow

Unlimited Support

Call us or arrange a meeting as often as you need without charge. It can be about anything - tax, business ideas, sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a chance to celebrate good news. It’s all part of what we provide

Value for Money

You'll find more expensive accountants than us. You will find cheaper too. But heed Warren Buffet's words below. We believe we offer our clients fantastic value for money.

Dedicated Client Manager

Every client has a dedicated named client manager. Think of them as the Robin to your Batman. They focus on our relationship with you so we can offer the best service to you