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Tax Refund Scam Hacker

Tax Refund Scam HMRC Warning

HMRC has issued a warning to taxpayers regarding the latest tax refund scam. These scams are targeting individuals via email and SMS messages #wlca #HMRC #fraud HMRC is currently processing genuine tax refunds for the 2017/18 tax year and the … Read More

UK Inland Revenue Tax Form

Crackdown on Web VAT fraud

HMRC backs tax-paying retailers by ramping up pressure on websites facilitating VAT fraud The UK’s tax office has asked all online marketplaces to sign an agreement to confront online VAT fraud committed by sellers on their platforms. The agreement would … Read More

Inaugural Post

First! Our Inaugural Post

This is our inaugural post on our new website. We are chuffed with it. Amazingly it only took a couple of days to put together from scratch. That’s what happens when expertise and know how are combined with cutting edge … Read More