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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

West Lancs Chartered Accountants was established in 2013.  Between the principals we have over 35 years of accountancy and technology experience.

Both principals are qualified fellows of the ICAEW.  Added on to that we have 35 years experience of business and numerous other qualifications. 

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Did you know anybody can call themselves an accountant?

Many people who do so have limited training and qualifications, no oversight from a governing body and no requirements to hold professional indemnity insurance.

West Lancs Chartered Accountants is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) which means that you can be happy that the advice we provide to you is given in accordance with the ethics and standards of the main accountancy body in the UK.

All practicing ICAEW accountants have to:

  • Have completed a minimum of three years’ in-depth training, including practical experience.
  • Are members of ICAEW – The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.
  • Are committed to continuing professional development training every year to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.
  • Are bound by ICAEW’s Code of Ethics.
  • Are subject to ICAEW’s disciplinary procedures.
  • Are required to hold a Practising Certificate and Professional Indemnity Insurance if they offer professional services to the public.
  • Are part of ICAEW’s Practice Assurance scheme, which demonstrates their commitment to quality assurance, and upholding and developing the highest professional standards

Switching accountants is easy and straight-forward. It’s usually a case of simply writing to your current accountant, telling them the name of your new accountants and advising them that the new firm will be contacting them shortly to collect your records.

When you decide to switch to us, we will fully manage the transition and ensure that the handover is seamless. We will take care of everything including contacting your current accountant and explaining you are moving away, drafting a brief note confirming the move, arranging for the transfer of records, obtaining copies of your accounts and tax computations, and notifying HMRC and other government offices that we are looking after your business affairs.

It’s important to remember that ‘expensive’ relates not simply to the cost of the services, but the value of what you receive that you didn’t before. We have clients come to us who were frustrated, confused, discouraged, unprofitable, unable to secure funding – and now they’re happier, more positive, more profitable, and with cash in the bank. We offer fixed fees linked to the value of what we provide. We’re not always the cheapest – and as with many things in life the cheapest is often the most expensive in the long run. Most importantly we never undertake work without agreeing the fee arrangements in advance so you always know where you stand.

The cost of an accountant for a small business accountant is a million dollar question!! 

As a guide for basic compliance services, our sole trader package starts at £32 per month, our contractor limited company at £50 per month and our small business limited company at £75 per month. But the final price will vary dependent on what other services beyond general compliance are taken as well as a wide range of variable factors such as the quality of records, the volume of transactions etc.

See our article on small business accountant costs here SME Accountant Costs

We’d be glad to do that. It often helps to see your business, people, books and records firsthand and we are always happy to invest our time without charge to show you what we can do. Of course, if you prefer to visit us, or you’d like to arrange a Skype chat to minimise disruption to your business, that’s fine too.

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