You don't need to use a local acccountant

Value is so much more important than location.

Choosing the right accountant is an important decision.  

You need someone you can work with to grow your business, someone you can trust and someone with the right skills to support you.  Over the last decade changes in technology in the business world has transformed ways of working.  Traditional desk bound 9-5 jobs have been replaced with more flexible working both in terms of time and location.   

The consequence of this for accountancy support is that your business does not necessarily need to choose a local accountant or family friend to provide key services.  Instead you can search further afield to find an accountant who’s the right fit for you and your business.    Quite possibly this might not be the local accountant down the road.   It might be an accountant based 50 miles away.   

Today value is so much more important than location.  

The main two factors that enable remote accountancy services to be effective have been the changes in accountancy software with introduction of cloud accounting and improvements in online communcation channels.

Cloud Software

Cloud-based accounting software allows your accountant to see an up to date view of your financial situation in real time,  from anywhere in the world.  It should form the framework for constant dialogue about your business.  With E-signatures and online document portals, accounts and tax returns  can be prepared, reviewed, signed and submitted without any physical meeting being necessary.

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Online Communication

Communicating online with your accountant through video call, instant messaging or email can save you time.

When meeting someone in person you have travelling time, the risk of delays, the parking cost and the coffee bill.  There also seems to be an unspoken rule that the length of the meeting should justify the time spent getting there.  If it turns out the issue can be resolved in the first 5 minutes, there is the tendency to make the meeting last the allotted time.  This ultimately leads to a 30min meeting potentially writing off the whole morning.  

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So, in today’s online world, it’s not necessarily any more convenient using an accountant because they’re based in your local area. An accountant who understands you and checks in with you regularly could ultimately provide you with a better service than a local accountant.