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In accountancy “cloud accounting” has been a buzz word for a long time. For us it’s an integral part of our business. Real time access to figures and reports allows us to help our clients more. It saves time and it allows us to support and grow our client’s business. We are partners with all the leading cloud software providers and offer our impartial advice over which system suits each client, rather than shoehorn them into a product that is not suitable.

Our focus in not just on cloud accounting. We realised a long time ago how the new breed of software as a service products (SaaS) and mobile apps could transform small business.

Why? They offer unparalleled power, agility and connectivity. We have spent many years working with some of the leading apps; from customer bots, EPOS systems, receipt processing, reporting, through to stock management. What really differentiates these products is the common low cost subscription pricing models (often freemium) and the incredibly easy way we can connect these systems together via APIs and out of the box integration tools (such as Zapier and Microsoft Flow). This means that small businesses suddently have access to an affordable yet comprehensive ecosystem of tools that allow them to compete against bigger firms.

We will support you in choosing the software that will make a real difference to the way you run your business.

Client Centric Approach

We base our recommendations on your scope and budget. For us client success is client happiness


We understand cost and time are important. All our solutions are pragmatic and practical. Simple systems that work are often the best solution!

Independent Review

We can perform an independent review of your current systems, technology and processes which will highlight the key areas that can be improved

Intelligent Solutions

We can apply the latest applications and intergrations to you business which will help you to improve performance and increase your bottom line

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Websites built and hosted

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Want a website like ours for your business? We build and host websites on our own infrastructure via our sister site West Lancs Hosting (www.westlancshosting.co.uk) Best of all our accountancy clients get a discount when they bundle these services together!

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