We are now a Handpicked Accountant

Hand Picked

Helping business owners and directors connect with accountancy firms in the Ormskirk area, Handpicked Accountants is an initiative championed by Begbies Traynor Group plc, giving businesses the confidence to choose an accountant they trust to deliver an exceptional service.

Handpicked Accountants launched in May 2017 and features an online database of around 1,100 accountancy firms exclusively chosen based on their reputation for consistently delivering outstanding financial advice to emerging and well-established businesses. At West Lancs Chartered Accountants, we are proud to be part of their extensive online directory which emphasises our commitment to helping businesses of all sizes.

At West Lancs Chartered Accountants, we go beyond the services of most accountants; using our extensive knowledge and experience alongside cutting edge technology to simplify and secure the finances of any client.

Defining ourselves as more than a traditional accounting firm, West Lancs Chartered Accountants focus on innovations in technology, marketing, promotion and problem solving, keeping ahead of the curve so clients can stay on top of competition.

Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants, David Tattersall stated, “We are very excited to welcome West Lancs Chartered Accountants as our latest addition. After years of working together, we can say with confidence their customer focussed, meticulous ethos is hard to come by elsewhere, easily making them stand out as a leader in the accounting field.”

You can view our page on Handpicked Accountants here  and find out more here About Us

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