Cost of an accountant

How much do small business accountants cost?

How much an accountant charges for a small business accountant is a million dollar question!! Google it or look on other accountants websites and you’d have more luck searching for the Holy Grail then finding the cost… 

Cost is the Holy Grail

Why?  Well first off it’s actually very difficult for an accountant who can perform everything from international tax, complex VAT cases and business mentoring to offer a standard price for all their services.  Secondly the cost of accountancy services can dramatically vary due to the client.  Clients are unique and the size of a business, the complexity of it’s records and the systems involved can all have an impact on the price of services.

Often you will find that the only prices displayed on accountants websites are restricted to packages targeting contractors.  Why?  Because the standard set of services needed for these enterprises is well known and accountants can readily price for them.

So where does that leave you trying to find a price for your small business?

Arrange a discovery call with us to find out

The best way to find out how much we cost is to arrange a discovery call.  This gives us an opportunity to get to understand your business, the challenges involved and how we can help. This usually lasts about 45 minutes and can take place at our office, at a location of your choice or via video call /  telephone.  You can book to see us at the link below:

Booking Tool

After the discovery call we will send you a detailed proposal the same day, which will outline everything we discussed and what the total monthly fees would be.  It will also give you a breakdown of all our services so you know exactly what you’re getting and how else we can support you in the future.

OK then – but before I arrange a discovery call, how much do you charge?

Well it all depends on the type of service you need and what type of business you are!

As a general rule of thumb the charges for a sole trader are less than that of a limited company.  Businesses that have good systems in place and organise their paperwork on a regular basis, or have gone paperless and made their records available on cloud accounting software will be less expensive than those that turn up a few days before filing date with carrier bags full of receipts.

As a guide for basic compliance services, our sole trader package starts at £32 per month, our contractor limited company at £50 per month and our small business limited company at £75 per month.  But the final price will vary dependent on what other services beyond general compliance are taken as well as a wide range of variable factors such as the quality of records, the volume of transactions etc.

You can see more details on our pricing philosophy here WLCA Pricing

We’ve even created a quote engine online to get you a price as quickly as possible.  This isn’t a replacement for the discovery meeting, but it allows you to get an indication of our pricing before you commit to a meeting.   Answer a few basic questions and you will receive an online indicative quote from us.  Try it here WLCA Online Quote

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