Ormskirk Accountant

Looking for an accountant in Ormskirk?

If you are looking for an accountant in Ormskirk then you’ve come to the right place!!

West Lancs Chartered Accountants cover clients in Ormskirk, Lancashire and wider afield.  We’ve been operating since 2013 and moved to our offices in central Ormskirk in 2017.

Centrally Located For Your Convenience

Central Ormskirk

Our office is right in the middle of Ormskirk, just up from the famous clock tower.  There is ample parking nearby, whether that’s at the Styles car park which is right next to the office (£1 for 3 hours) or in the local Morrisons (free for 3 hours) and a short walk away.

If you need to find out more about where we are located, click here Contact Us or find us on Google Maps 

A friendly service

All of our clients are very welcome to pop into our office whilst they are in town for a meeting.  We can’t wait to see you! We make pretty good coffee (and we have KitKats).

Simply click below and you will be taken to our online booking tool to reserve a place (and existing clients get priority).

Book a Meeting

What services do you offer?

In part we are a traditional accountancy firm delivering compliance accounting services to our clients.  Accounts, bookkeeping, VAT, tax.   This is our bread and butter.  We pride ourselves on our approach.  We do it well and enjoy it.  There’s nothing like filing all your returns on time!

But today’s clients want more. So we deliver more. We are also a technology innovator, thought leader and problem solver.   First we offer proper business advisory services.  Nobody is interested in how profitable your business was last year. Clients want KPIs, dashboards and real time information today.  We can deliver this for you.

Then there is technology.  We realised that lots of small businesses need help.  Today’s environment is challenging but there are lots of great tools to help people grow a profitable business that don’t cost the earth.

How much do you cost?

We’ve all heard horror stories of professional fee invoices.  Billed late, with no breakdown and no prior agreement.

How can other accountants justify billing a client a proportion of their tax rebate or with a fee based on their personal wealth rather than reflecting the underlying work and effort??!  We don’t do that.

As a guide for basic compliance services, our sole trader package starts at £32 per month, our contractor limited company at £50 per month and our small business limited company at £75 per month.  But the final price will vary dependent on what other services beyond general compliance are taken as well as a wide range of variable factors such as the quality of records, the volume of transactions etc.

You can see more details on our pricing philosophy here WLCA Pricing

We’ve even created a quote engine online to get you a price as quickly as possible.  This isn’t a replacement for the discovery meeting, but it allows you to get an indication of our pricing before you commit to a meeting.   Answer a few basic questions and you will receive an online indicative quote from us.  Try it here WLCA Online Quote

Sounds fantastic how do I move to you?

There’s no need to stress about changing accountants, you’re only a few easy steps away from making the switch. 

  • The first step is to get a quote from us using the link above
  • Once you are happy quickly check the terms and conditions with your accountant and let us know the details (or pass them to us)
  • We will contact your current accountant to let them know you’re leaving and what information we require
  • Then we will help you transfer all your account details over to us including cloud accounting accounts
  • We deal with migrating all your bookkeeping, payroll. tax seamlessly over to us and make sure you never miss a deadline
  • You can continue to run your business brilliantly


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